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• Computer/Laptop: Up to 20
• Computer Networking: Up to 60 Port
• Printer: Up to 10
• Router: Up to 5
• Switch: Up to 10
• CCTV Camera: Up to 32
• UPS: Up to 5
• PABX: Up to 10
• Email Support: Up to 20
• Data Backup Support

Custom Plan:
In cases where your organization has stringent or unique requirements that have not been
explicitly addressed in this proposal, we are committed to providing you with a fully customized
solution. We understand that every client is unique, and your satisfaction is our priority.
• To ensure that we accurately address your specific needs, we offer the option of
conducting a site visit to comprehensively assess your equipment and systems. This visit
will allow us to gain a deeper understanding of your operational challenges and
• Following the site visit, we will prepare a tailored quotation that takes into account all
the specific details and requirements discussed during the assessment. This ensures that
our proposal aligns perfectly with your expectations and operational goals.
We believe in transparent and client-centric service, and this approach allows us to deliver a
solution that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Your satisfaction is our commitment,
and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you effectively.

Terms and Conditions
• The help-desk shall be operated from the office of the service provider. One of
them needs to be nominated as the coordinator for the AMC period.
• The annual maintenance contract will include necessary repairs to the installed
systems and replacement of defective/damaged parts, components and other
accessories will incur the cost.
• Items replaced should have warrantee for minimum one year.
• The maintenance services will be provided between 9.00 & 18.00 Hrs. on all
working days or till such time as Severity of problems, if any are rectified.
• There should be monthly one visit from service provider to client office for
inspection of devices listed in the scope of contract.
• Service provided shall be in close contact with client on a weekly basis via phone,
email for necessary support if required.
• Client shall call coordinator informing any defects and service provider should
swiftly support client noting severity of problems.
• Client expects the service provider to provide support in all IT related areas
mentioned in the devices listed below. In case of problems, service provider must
provide immediate and timely solution to the problem.
• After completing the preventive as well as corrective maintenance work, the
service provider shall meet/communicate and take satisfactory performance
note from the officer-in-charge of client.
• In the case of dispute between the Client and the Service Provider, the dispute
shall be referred to arbitration in accordance with the rules of Nepal Council of
• The rates quoted shall be inclusive of all taxes, levies etc.


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