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How can businesses and firms care about their ICT infrastructure

In today’s complex business structure companies are utilizing different kind of electronics devices in their office for conducting operational activities. These devices range from simple computer, laptop, printer to sophisticated interconnected devices and network equipment. Smooth operation of these electronics devices is very crucial for success of the business activities. As the service and business activity are relied upon smooth operation of the electronics devices and ICT infrastructure, companies need to look for a way such that there shall be minimum hinderance and downtime in business operation. Well here comes the idea that will help business focus on their core value. The idea is about annual maintenance of the devices. You might be hearing a lot of people talking about AMC. So, what is this AMC everyone talking about ?

Annual Maintenance Services refers to those services which are provided by the IT (Information Technology) companies to different offices and business centers where ICT (Information and Communication Technology) products such as Computer, E-mails, Digital TV and computer networking are used daily for numerous purposes. Annual Maintenance Services helps in network management in the firm which makes easier to work.  Before providing any services, Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is prepared between two parties (Service provider and the Customer). The contract includes the working period of the service provider, costs of the services, terms and conditions which are in favor of both parties, rules and regulations to be maintained etc. Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is done especially for one year and the contract is renewed on yearly basis if needed.

Annual Maintenance Services increases the duration period of the devices by protecting them from defects which might worsen the condition of the device due to which your devices cannot perform the work properly and start malfunctioning. After taking the Annual Maintenance Services, the devices are maintained and repaired properly. Problems are minimized in the devices while performing the task and the working will be faster and smooth. 

In Nepal, there are lot of small and medium size business which cannot afford for a full time IT professionals to manage their ICT infrastructure. Having said this, well should the small business in Nepal need not care about their business operation. Of course They should.  The business in Nepal should look for a IT companies that provide Annual Maintenance Services and among various of them A.M.D. Soft and Services Pvt. Ltd.  is also one.  AMD Soft and Services was established seven years ago in 2017 AD. The company provides the services related to IT and ICT (Information and Communication Technology). Till the dates, the company has worked with different NGOs, Cooperatives and different government sectors.

A.M.D. Soft and Services Pvt. Ltd. primarily understands clients need and focuses mainly on providing the quality services to the customers which helps them to perform work properly and increase the working efficiency in the office. Amdsoft has a standard work procedure for providing Annual Maintenance Service to its client. The dedicated support staff from amdsoft Nepal will become an errand who will provide services according to the needs and demands of the customers. This company has experienced and trustable staff who perform their work very properly and efficiently.  A.M.D. Soft and Services provide packages of different services according to the demands of the customers at a reasonable cost.

This is the time to think responsibly so that your business operation will thrive and choose a better partner like AMD soft who will take care for your ICT infrastructure.


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